How to Increase Revenue with Short-Term Rentals

Deliver Exceptional Guest Experiences Every Time

Kigo announces Hospitality-as-a-Service Platform for Multifamily Short-Term Rentals


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Today’s travelers are skipping hotels for multifamily short-term rentals. It’s disrupting the multifamily and hospitality industries the same way Uber is disrupting the taxi business. The NOI potential for your business is significant.

What’s driving this megatrend? Travelers want a unique guest experience. That includes bigger rooms with all the comforts of home in better locations at a lower cost. Like your vacant units. But they still expect hotel-level hospitality. You’ll need your own kind of Uber to provide it. That’s KigoHospitality.

Run your business like a premier hotel with KigoHospitality

KigoHospitality gives you everything you need to provide the perfect guest experience. Like reservations and hospitality management, operations, payments, accounting, marketing, websites, and guest communications.

Imagine $200k+ incremental NOI from each of your communities

A 200-unit community with a $2k/month average rent has a vacancy rate of 6%. Now rent those vacant units for 150 days/year at a $162 average daily rate. You could be making $226,000/year in NOI. Capitalize on it today with KigoHospitality.

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